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Agile software development, project management, leadership skills and marketing training tailored to you and your company.


Marketing agency, online and offline marketing, email marketing, SEO, social content production, ad placement, print jobs.


Project management consultancy, both for start-ups, ongoing projects or projects that have been closed as retrospective.

Project Management training

The customer wants quality, preferably cheap and for yesterday. Sound familiar? What is the right reaction and response in such a case? How do you communicate a difficult decision to your team? What are the right time management principles, communication norms and useful tools to make both your life and the lives of your colleagues easier? These topics will be explored through case studies, exercises and a short theory. It is not a prerequisite for the training to use the Agile framework, but we will look at examples of when it is preferable.

What we offer?

Practice-oriented professional knowledge that you can use the very next day of the training in your ongoing or start-up project.

What can you expect from the training?

We bring the practice into the training, explain the most complicated details with interactive practical examples, and by the end of the training you will get a complete picture of how the agile methodology works, how to apply it to your own project and how to use it most effectively.

Who do we recommend it to?

Those who have not yet used Agile methodologies or Agile frameworks, who would make an effective transition to Agile, or who have made the transition but are not convinced that they have implemented all the elements of the Agile manifesto correctly.


Agile software development basics: basic concepts, ceremonies, roles and responsibilities, core values, methodologies. Typical project start-up and shutdown tasks, useful tools, user story mapping, backlog management. Agile contract types advantages disadvantages, reporting tools, estimation and project forecasting, milestones management. Managing colleagues working remotely. Case study through a collaborative project. Providing expert advice on issues arising on ongoing projects.

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