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Agile software development, project management, leadership skills and marketing training tailored to you and your company.


Marketing agency, online and offline marketing, email marketing, SEO, social content production, ad placement, print jobs.


Project management consultancy, both for start-ups, ongoing projects or projects that have been closed as retrospective.

B2B Sales

We recommend the training to buyers and business salespeople alike. If only we knew what was on our partner's mind, or what their end of the deal was. It's not impossible at all, get to know them and learn to think with their minds so they will buy your product or service. Business customers have more unique decision processes and operating models, but together we can help you find common ground.

What we offer?

Theoretical and practical techniques to use with business clients.

What can you expect from the training?

You'll learn techniques that you can use the next day, get an insight into how companies work and the background to their purchases.

Who do we recommend it to?

For new and old motorcycle dealers who work mainly with business clients or who would like to change their portfolio and break into this market.


Business and communication basics, persuasion and argumentation, audience assessment. Market research, online and offline tools for selling, correct use of statements. Business thinking, business timeline, investment background, useful tips when quoting. Other case studies and issues to be covered in the training.

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