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Agile software development, project management, leadership skills and marketing training tailored to you and your company.


Marketing agency, online and offline marketing, email marketing, SEO, social content production, ad placement, print jobs.


Project management consultancy, both for start-ups, ongoing projects or projects that have been closed as retrospective.

Facebook - Google PPC ad management

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a click-based advertising model that allows you to deliver the advertised service or product directly to your target audience. For PPC campaigns, we prefer Google Ads and Facebook, but we also have the possibility to run LinkedIn and Bing campaigns.

Why use the PPC method?

  • Well set up direct access to the target group.
  • Simple return on investment tracking.
  • Excellent for attracting new customers.
  • Product for sale.
  • Brand promotion.
  • For the dissemination of future actions.

What can we help you with?

  • Ongoing statistics for running PPC campaigns.
  • Market research, target group analysis, active analysis of the customer base.
  • Competitive analysis, report writing.
  • Setting up and validating PPC campaigns according to the target group.
  • Compiling a targeted keyword list and listing keywords that are excluded.
  • Continuous monitoring of active campaigns, tracking customer trends, fine-tuning advertising to achieve maximum conversion.

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    Complex project management problems. Network marketing lead generation. By the end of the training you will have practical experience in business analyst all the activities of the role.