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Agile software development, project management, leadership skills and marketing training tailored to you and your company.


Marketing agency, online and offline marketing, email marketing, SEO, social content production, ad placement, print jobs.


Project management consultancy, both for start-ups, ongoing projects or projects that have been closed as retrospective.

Corporate design

From logo to finished image. The first impression of each client is determined by our logo and how well it harmonises with the activities of our company. We can help you translate your ideas into paper and digital vectors and pixels.

Why should we use it?

  • We provide turnkey drafts.
  • We are preparing several variations.
  • Subsequent round of amendments.
  • No need to apply for a job or learn a new trade.
  • We don't need to buy the expensive equipment we work with.

How can we help?

  • Logo, business card design.
  • Vector and pixel graphic design.
  • Website identity design.
  • Designing an email signature.
  • Development of a complete corporate identity and design guideline.

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    Canva, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
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