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Agile software development, project management, leadership skills and marketing training tailored to you and your company.


Marketing agency, online and offline marketing, email marketing, SEO, social content production, ad placement, print jobs.


Project management consultancy, both for start-ups, ongoing projects or projects that have been closed as retrospective.

The secret to successful sales

As an employee, does your bonus depend on it, do you work on commission? Or as an employer, would you increase sales with a sales training course? People are not born good salespeople, they become good salespeople. With both theoretical and practical elements, we will show you the right methods for successful sales.

What we offer?

No secrets, but focused practice-oriented training where we will show you the right sales attitude and practices to increase your sales.

What can you expect from the training?

You'll learn techniques that you can use the next day, gain insights into the minds of customers, and learn about global and local economics.

Who do we recommend it to?

For new and old motorcycle dealers working in the sales industry.


Business basics, communication basics, persuasion and argumentation, audience assessment. Market research, supply and demand management, online and offline tools for selling, correct use of statements. Buying and selling from an economics perspective. Psychology of sales. Other case studies and issues to be addressed in the training.

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    Complex project management problems. Best affiliate marketing programs. By the end of the training you will have practical experience in business analyst all the activities of the role.